Friday, March 5, 2010

My Boys

Here are my boys. The one on the left is 15yo, the one on the right is 16.
This is a pic of them at the hospital we volunteer at every Tuesday.
They sometimes balk at the few hours per week I require them to donate their time, but after 2+ years, they are still going in, doing their job, helping others. Sometimes one of them slips and says, "I kinda look forward to Tuesdays." Then catch themselves and rush back into teen-mode.

I know they do a good job, because everyone has nice, positive things to say about them. I only have my babies for such a short time. 15 and 16 already! How did that happen?! I hope I've done enough to send them out into the be kind, compassionate, thoughtful and wise citizens of the universe.
Oh, how I LOVE these kids!

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